25 May 2015

A visit to meadow court care home

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post32“I went to Meadow Court care home and enjoyed speaking to the residents and looking around the care home. I was glad to see that they were well looked after,” said Nusrath Tapadar a Year 11 student.
Four groups of students from Year 11 visited Meadow Court Care Home in March 2015 to run projects with the elderly residents as part of IPSHE. Students put into practice the very important teaching of the Prophet (SAW) about looking after the elderly through this visit.
Year 11FM planted flowers with the residents and delivered the plants to the bedrooms of the bed bound residents.
Year 11SI did a memory box activity with the residents and spoke to the residents about the past which delighted those suffering from dementia.
AAGS students learnt some very precious life skills from their new elderly friends!
“This trip was an eye opener for me and my students. It was very beneficial for the students to interact with the elderly residents, I felt that it made them think deeper about how they spend their time as youths” said teacher Apa Sultanaz.
Khansa Mahmud a Year 11 student said “I really enjoyed getting to know the residents and planting flowers for their rooms. The visit was a big eye opener and made me realise how fortunate we are to have family around us all the time. It was a great experience and I hope to visit again.” Khansa also added “I was very inspired by what I saw. I was uncomfortable to see some of the residents lonely, I hope to do better for my loved ones.”
AAGS students learnt a lot from their experience, becoming emotionally aware and connecting with the elderly. Students enjoyed themselves a lot as did the elderly residents.

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