30 Jan 2015

Azhar Academy Student’s Poem Commended in International Poetry Competition

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The Foyle young poet of the year award is the largest international poetry award for children in the world.

This year’s award cemented its global appeal with a record breaking 13,630 poems sent in by 7603 poets from 78 countries. There are 15 winners and 85 commended poets. This year’s judges were Grace Nichols and Simon Barraclough and the awards were given by Julia Donaldson MBE (author of the gruffalo series) .

Mariya Ahmed from Yr 8 was awarded as one of the 85 commended poets this year. Congratulations to Mariya for her achievements.

She has kindly shared with you her poem and experience.

“In my spare time I love writing deep dark poems. When I got a call about how I was commended and invited to the award ceremony for Foyle’s young poets award, I was both exhilarated and confused to know one of my old poems was being selected for such a prestigious ceremony. When we got there it was nerve raking but somewhat exciting as well. I blushed when my name was announced and loved hearing the others poems. This has really encouraged me to pursue my love for writing more creative unique poems. ”

The branch is split in two;

I travel out the woods leaving my home I once knew.

I can still see the world faintly ahead;

I still dodge nature until I see red.

The horizon thickens in the whitish glow, whilst I continue to roam high and low.

I avoid the autumn breeze from pulling me back,

Frightened of any squeezes and cracks.

I drift between people’s conversations,

Tired. As my glands fill with perspiration.

My energy power becomes weak,

I’m sure I won’t even last a week.

People’s gestures reluctantly throw me back and forth,

Instead of heading south I hit north,

I want to stop but I can’t stop,

I feel like I will drop.

Though I’m invisible to the world,

The world is visible to me.

Even though I’m free and continue to flee,

Losing gravity I float up in the air,

I smile, wave and stare.

I’ve travelled for a long time and head into space

Where I, a little sound, can finally be safe.

By Mariya Ahmed – Year 8FHB

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