31 Oct 2015

RRS Discovery-THURSDAY, 8th OCTOBER 2015

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RRS Discovery-THURSDAY, 8th OCTOBER 2015

Our students had the wonderful opportunity to visit TheRoyal Research Ship Discovery which was berthed alongside HMS Belfast for aseries of events to mark the 50thanniversary of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). There was a range of exhibitions on board that supported STEM-related subjects. They were able to explore a range of careers in ocean research and how STEM is applied to research.

Students had an opportunity to observe how modern technologyis used in research including a special guided tour of the ship. Students enjoyed working in an outside environment and they were engaged throughout this special opportunity.




31 Oct 2015


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Our Hifz students initiated the memorization of the Quran with the aim of forever embedding and preserving the Quran within their hearts. Our aim is to motivate and encourage our students to complete this within the frame of four years.

Sayyidina Buraidah RA reports that the Nobel Messenger of Allah SAW said, ‘Whoever reads the Quran, learns it and acts in accordance with it, on the day of resurrection his parents will be given a crown to wear, whose light will be like the light of the sun, and his parents will be given garments which far surpass everything to be found in this world, they will say, “Why have we been given this to wear?” It will be said, “Because your child learnt the Quran”

We pray that our Hufaadh will be the illuminating light in the darkness on the day of Judgement. Congratulations to Hannah Hussain, Khadija Mussadiq & Maryam Rehan

31 Oct 2015


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Students at AAGS were chosen for an exciting opportunity as part of EDF to invent a smart gadget in a workshop. This project was part of an initiative aimed at inspiring girls into Science and Engineering.

Students had the opportunity to spend the morning building simple electronic circuits using innovative LittleBits kits, and trying out cool new technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting. In the afternoon, they were given free rein to create amazing new inventions that could make theirbedroom smarter. The opportunities were endless.

The workshop was a rare opportunity for our students to get their hands on the latest smart technologies, develop skills,and talk to the creative team who get to do this type of thing every day as part of their job.

31 Oct 2015


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Apa Shabana, attended the Team London School’s Volunteering Conference. She had an opportunity to learn about the programme that is building the next generation of volunteers by inspiring and enabling young people to give back to their local community by taking part in youth-led social action projects. It also provided ways to inspire young people to take action on whatever local needs they feel passionate about, including food poverty and waste, homelessness, connecting generations, friendship, bullying and gardening.

Many young people have benefitted from the programme by building new skills and becoming better involved in their local community. Teachers haveseen the impact of volunteering on the young people and their school as a whole.

AAGS will be taking part in this initiative in order to get students more involved in community projects, linking back to RE and Islamic studies, the impact of which will be positive and inspiring to the whole school.

We look forward to share more information with you during the course of the year on our progress with this initiative.

18 Jun 2015


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Congratulations to the following students for successfully qualifying to compete in Round Two of the London Knowledge Quiz which will take place on Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Well done on this fantastic achievement!

Hannah Munir Patel & Jumanah Zahra Hussain
Razeenah Ramtally & Sameeah Sandford
Mahak Polani & Rayyan Mselem

We hope that they are successful and make it to the finals which will be held at the Museum of London.


The quiz was initiated by and is supported by the Mayor of London who is committed to ensuring that young Londoners have the best possible opportunities in life and can draw benefit from the fantastic resource right on their doorstep – London. By engaging young people in learning about their city, the Mayor hopes that the London Knowledge Quiz will encourage young people to become active citizens within London, making valuable contributions to their local community and building London for generations to come. We at AAG are excited about our students engaging in such initiatives in order for them to extend their learning.

15 Jun 2015


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3FF’s Interfaith Education Workshops and Faith 3FF works to build understanding and lasting School Linking Programmes prepare young people relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs.
to be able to interact positively with anyone they meet, with the skills and attitudes to be able tocultivate meaningful relationships. In doing so, we help them discover the intrinsic benefits of understanding and communicating across different cultures and beliefs – the skills they need to succeed and excel in diverse universities, workplaces and beyond.
Using 16 years’ experience in the interfaith/intercultural field, 3FF offers Professional Development workshops for teachers and educators:
“Interfaith in the RE Classroom”
An introduction to principles and approaches of interfaith education. Helping teachers develop skills and approaches for bringing comparative and interfaith learning to life in RE lessons, in diverse and non-diverse classrooms alike.

“Controversial Issues: Focus on Faiths & Beliefs”
Building teachers’ confidence and skills in dealing with controversial issues that arise in their classrooms and playgrounds. Using real-life examples from 3FF classrooms and teachers’ own experiences, we will explore different tools and methodologies.INTERFAITH EDUCATION WORKSHOPS 3FF’s award-winning workshops are proven to help young people build religious literacy, empathy and skills dialogue and communication, while supporting the RE and Citizenship curricula. Contact the team for more information and offers.

“Great ideas, good practical activities and
excellent support and advice.”
- Secondary School Teacher

020 7495 1390

“3FF’s workshops have provided not only the students,but the staff with an amazing insight into how religion can be taught creatively and in such a dynamic way.”
- Head of Citizenship & R.E.


“Before meeting my Link
school I was nervous, but
now I have made more
friends than I thought I
- Primary Student

Linking has been shown to help young people feel secure in their own identity,while building confidence as they interact positively with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.Our team supports schools and teachers to link effectively, through teacher training days, resources and expert interfaith advice.pic1

“An extremely valuable
experience for my son. It
has really opened up his
world and has taught him
so much.”

- Parent of Linking Student

3FF’s Faith School Linking programme provides opportunities for young people from different faith
and belief backgrounds to meet and work together on a variety of activities throughout the year. 3FF
facilitates around 50 Primary and Secondary Links across London, and we are piloting our programme
in other cities.

• Cultivate skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection
and communication.
• Acquire dialogue skills such as listening, speaking and
• Foster trust, curiosity, empathy, awareness and
• Articulate the value of appreciating others in the
fullness of their identity – that this is key to being
able to succeed in our complex world.
• Deepen their understanding and knowledge of
different communities and beliefs.
Linking provides opportunities for children and young people to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community. It provides platforms and incentives for wider
communities around these schools to engage with the principles of School Linking, such as through accompanying visits, opportunities to volunteer or support, and celebration events.

“The most rewarding aspect of the linking
journey has been
watching the potential
outcomes develop into
valuable lifelong learning
- Teacher from Link School

“I enjoyed break time
because everybody
just merged together
automatically and we were
talking like we’d known
each other for ages.”
- Secondary Student

15 Jun 2015

3FF School Linking 2013-14
Case Study Example from the Linking Programme

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Azhar Academy Muslim Girls’ and St Ursula’s Catholic Girls’ Secondary Schools

Azhar Academy is a Muslim girls’ school in East London, and St Ursula’s is a Catholic girls’ secondary
school in Greenwich. They Linked for the first time this year as lead teachers Kareema, Shabana and
Anna were keen for their students to actually get to meet and build relationships with young people
from different backgrounds. As Shabana explained, “our students don’t get much variety in who they
spend time with. They learn about different beliefs but don’t get to experience it.”
Both schools selected their linking students through an application process. Though initially unsure
of parent reactions to the link, teachers at Azhar were surprised to receive a large number of calls
from parents asking for their daughters to be included in the programme!
Inspired by hearing from other teachers at CPD days, they were determined to get the most for their
students through creative and though-provoking activities. Before meeting each other, students
were asked to design their own ‘identity boxes’. One student expressed that this was the most
challenging part of Linking for her: “it was so hard to think of what represents you and makes up
who you are. I hadn’t really thought that way about my identity before.”
Students enjoyed “meeting and socialising with different people” through the Link Days, which were
made up of activities such as jewellery making, exploring logos and badge making and team building
games at the local park. Highlights for the students included observing daily prayers – “it was a really
special opportunity” – to henna painting – “the girls were so excited they were queuing to get it
done!” Shabana described how “it was so hard to drag the students away at the final link as they
didn’t want to say goodbye. We ended up being late for our train back to school!”
For the teachers at Azhar, the programme directly contributed to helping students become
confident in their own identities and recognising its complexity: “they’ve come to realise their own
identities are very important and that there are many parts to it.” Anna noticed how the through the
programme, student were able to dramatically increase their understanding of different
communities and belief, which in turn helped to cultivate respect: “it’s made their language around
different beliefs and practices more sensitive. They’re much more aware of the diversity within a
tradition rather than saying things like ‘they all do this thing’”.
Students also described the Link as a “confidence boost, because I had to push myself to go and talk
to new people”. It also gave students a chance to “feel comfortable around people different to me to
prepare me for when I go to university or the work place.”
But it’s been just as much of a journey for the teachers involved: “getting to experience different
backgrounds has really opened my eyes a lot. It’s been fun getting to know my link teachers and her
Example of a student ‘Identity Box’ and students working together at Link Day 1

12 Jun 2015

Linking, OFSTED and Curricula

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How Linking supports requirements of primary and secondary curricula:

The National Curriculum in England: Key Stages 1 and 2 Framework Document and Key Stages 3 and 4 Framework Document (both 2014)

“Every state-funded school must offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which:

promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. “

DfE: Improving the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of pupils: Departmental advice for independent schools, academies and free schools (November 2013).

Standard 5(1)(a)(v): assist pupils to acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions:

“…Pupils must be encouraged to regard all faiths, races and cultures with respect. Teaching should also have a positive aspect, preparing pupils to interact easily with people of different cultures and faiths. Schools should develop opportunities for pupils through links with other schools and organisations, as well as the content of curriculum.”

How Linking supports requirements for “Outstanding” R.E. teaching (OFSTED Religious Education Survey, April 2014)

The overall effectiveness of religious education (RE) provided in the school

“The curriculum is rich, relevant and engaging, with a strong programme of enrichment activities which bring the world of religion and belief alive for pupils.”

Quality of the curriculum in religious education

“Excellent links are forged, through first-hand experience and/or through the use of ICT, to provide pupils with exciting and challenging opportunities to engage with the reality and diversity of religion and belief in the modern world.”

Achievement of pupils in religious education

“Pupils show impressive achievement in linking their study of religion and belief to their exploration of more personal reflections on issues of meaning and purpose.”
“They develop a strong understanding of how the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life within any religion cohere.”

And just to show how much of an impression School Linking can make on OFSTED…

Primary School in Wembley: (June 2013 OFSTED report). Pupil’s behaviour and personal development: Outstanding

“…Pupils learn about other cultures through a focus on different cultural traditions…In addition, Year 5 students take part in the Three Faiths Forum [Schools Linking project], whereby pupils from
the schools meet up with pupils from other faiths. They learn about tolerance and respect for all pupils…”
Secondary School in Brondesbury: (December 2012 OFSTED report). Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils:

“Cultural development is provided for well, and students’ awareness of ethnic diversity and different cultures is developed, with an emphasis on tolerance and harmony between cultural and religious traditions. The school has good links with those of other faiths and is part of the Three Faiths Forum.”

11 Jun 2015

Azhar Academy Girls School won

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  • Maryam Haskic gold 800m
  • Nabeela Issa gold high jump
  • Iqra Khan gold 60m sprint
  • Suhayfa Saeed gold 200m sprint
  • Maryam Haskic silver triple jump
  • Fatima Ali silver 60 m hurdles
  • Fatima Ali silver long jump
  • Fatima Ali silver 300m sprint
  • Suhaira Amina silver high jump
  • Zahra Mohammed silver 800 m
11 Jun 2015

Girls give gifts to sick children

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Forest gate students walked five miles to visit three london hospitals

A group of Forest Gate school girls walked five miles across London to deliver a bundle of presents to children’s wards at the capital’s hospitals.
About 25 Year 7 pupils from Azhar Academy Girls School, Rom- ford Road, collected books, board games and arts and crafts resourc- es which they then hand delivered to three hospitals on May 19 and 20. The lucky recipients were Uni- versity College London Hospital in Camden, Royal London Hospital in Tower Hamlets and COSMIC char- ity which is based at Westminster’s
St Mary’s Hospital.
The event was part of the Share a Smile fundraising walk, arranged by 1st Ethical, an educational char- ity which empowers Muslims to benefit society through faith-based campaigns.The charity currently works with around 200 educational insti- tutes nationally to help students become more socially responsibleand active in their communities.
Karima Chowdhury, Islamic Per- sonal Social and Health Education co-ordinator at Azhar Academy said: “Collecting gifts for sick chil- dren and delivering them to the hospitals was a very enriching ex- perience for the students and staff involved.
“It allowed our students to con- nect with children who are less for- tunate and taught them something profound about serving others.
“Our students have definitely become much more emotionally intelligent after this campaign and appreciative over the blessing of good health which isn’t always given much thought by the youth.
She added the Share a Smile Walk left everyone who took part “smiling with a wonderful sense of fulfilment and humility”.
As a thank you, the hospitals ar- ranged a tour for the students and play therapists from the hospitals delivered presentations.