25 May 2015

A visit to meadow court care home

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post32“I went to Meadow Court care home and enjoyed speaking to the residents and looking around the care home. I was glad to see that they were well looked after,” said Nusrath Tapadar a Year 11 student.
Four groups of students from Year 11 visited Meadow Court Care Home in March 2015 to run projects with the elderly residents as part of IPSHE. Students put into practice the very important teaching of the Prophet (SAW) about looking after the elderly through this visit.
Year 11FM planted flowers with the residents and delivered the plants to the bedrooms of the bed bound residents.
Year 11SI did a memory box activity with the residents and spoke to the residents about the past which delighted those suffering from dementia.
AAGS students learnt some very precious life skills from their new elderly friends!
“This trip was an eye opener for me and my students. It was very beneficial for the students to interact with the elderly residents, I felt that it made them think deeper about how they spend their time as youths” said teacher Apa Sultanaz.
Khansa Mahmud a Year 11 student said “I really enjoyed getting to know the residents and planting flowers for their rooms. The visit was a big eye opener and made me realise how fortunate we are to have family around us all the time. It was a great experience and I hope to visit again.” Khansa also added “I was very inspired by what I saw. I was uncomfortable to see some of the residents lonely, I hope to do better for my loved ones.”
AAGS students learnt a lot from their experience, becoming emotionally aware and connecting with the elderly. Students enjoyed themselves a lot as did the elderly residents.

25 May 2015

Food drive for the homeless

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As part of IPSHE, Year 10 students from AAGS have been raising awareness about helping the homeless in the community. Students organised an exciting food drive in school and delivered food to a homeless shelter inWhitechapel. The Whitechapel Mission homeless shelter feeds up to 300 homeless people a day. Student went to great lengths in collecting vast amounts of long-lasting food. Students collected a large quantity of food that we had to transport it in a van. It was an amazing and inspiring day for everyone involved. The homeless shelter staff were immensely touched by their efforts. Year 10 learnt and put into practice the very important value of helping the needy.

Well done to everyone who donated food for the food drive!

25 May 2015

Share a smile walk

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As part of IPSHE Year 7 students went to different hospitals and delivered gits to children . The girls were pleased that they were able to bring smiles to these children. The students had an awesome and inspiring

ce. It was great to see them raising awareness about helping the sick in the community. Other students in Year 7 posted gifts to terminally ill children through an organisation called postpals. Students wrote encouraging words of support and sent cards and hampers to their ill friends.

A big well done to all of Year 7 for takingpart and organisingsuch a rewarding campaign.

19 May 2015


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Local councillor Dianne Walls attended a community campaign presentation organised by Year 8 and Year 11 students on Friday, 8th May 2015.

Year 8 have been raising awareness about litter in the community whilst Year 11 went to Meadow Court Care Home and did projects with the elderly.

Dianne was very impressed with the work of AAGS pupils, commenting that they were very emotionally intelligent and had done very good research. She also shared some words of wisdom and stressed the importance of youth being in touch with the community. It was an inspirational and uplifting afternoon for all.

A big thank you to those parents who attended the presentation and for supporting the students on their outreach work.

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12 May 2015

Azhar Academy Girls School’s Big Tidy Up

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Year 8 students from Azhar Academy Girls School in London spent last Thursday, (19th March 2015) cleaning up the streets local to their school to raise awareness of community cleanliness. In just the course of a few hours the students managed to fill up 12 black bags with rubbish – clearly Londoners have been dropping a lot of litter!IMG_4615

During their litter picking campaign students drew spontaneous compliments from passers-by. A man in particular came over to the girls and said “you’re really doing something great for the community. Keep it up!”

Students were left inspired by their experience and humbled by the response they received from the wider community.

Teacher Apa Safiyyah agreed. “MashaAllah the litter picking campaign was a success. The girls were enthusiastic and we had good response from the community.”

And for student Jasmin Kalam the experience taught her a life lesson. “I will now put my knowledge in use by picking up litter every time I see it and show others so they can learn as well,” she declared.

Another student, Ishrat Tahira reflected that “As result of this lesson I understand that a good Muslim should help people for the sake of Allah. We benefitted from this and I am proud of myself for earning the reward.”IMG_4610

The experience taught the girls humility and the worth of people they see cleaning the streets. “I have learnt not to look down on workers who pick up litter and help others by moving away harmful things on the street,” said student Huda Ahmed.

Following an Ilm 2 Amal lesson on how Muslim should care for the environment, this session aimed to inspire within young Muslim students the importance of doing their bit to keep the city clean.

The Ilm 2 Amal curriculum spans from KS2 – KS4, and at the heart of this educational initiative currently being delivered at Muslim faith schools is the desire to help positively transform Muslim students into well-rounded, confident, active and ethical citizens who practise their faith in a way that benefits themselves and humanity.

The ‘Litter Picking’ campaign is one of many Ilm 2 Amal campaigns, all of which aim nurture and encourage the development of skills through experiential learning, learning through fun and reconnecting with nature.IMG_4616

20 Mar 2015


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On 18th  March 2015 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a conference at Newton Prep School on Empowering Women in Education Leadership. The aim of the event was to bring together women from schools in both independent and maintained sectors to share common experiences and create useful partnerships.  I look forward to building relationships with some of the schools I met in order to share good practices for the benefit of students and staff.


I had an opportunity to meet with the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP (Secretary of State for Education, with additional responsibility for Women & Equalities) she expressed her interest to visit us and was delighted to hear about AAGS. We had an opportunity to listen to Baroness Doreen Lawrence (mother of Stephen Lawrence, who campaigned tirelessly to win justice for her son).

AAGS Conference

Overall the conference inspired women leaders so that we do not limit ourselves when it comes to taking on leadership positions.  This is a powerful message especially for students as AAGS; especially as we help them shape their future to be good British Citizens who make positive contributions to society.






11 Mar 2015


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Students & Staff at AAGS are busy preparing for Science Week which will take place between 16th – 26th   March 2015. There will be a range of exciting, interactive and slimy activities for student participation.

Monday, 16th  MarchTO BE FIT OR NOT TO BE FIT? Lunchtime stalls to get students thinking about healthy eating and weight management. This will be followed by a  “healthy food sale
Tuesday, 17th   March IBN HAYTHAM EVENT This is the year of light and we will be celebrating the work of Ibn Haytham, through a range of competitions and activities throughout the day!
Wednesday, 18th   March SCIENCE FAIR KS3 students will plan and conduct their own science investigations. One finalist per class will be chosen to present their project at the Science Fair. This will be a competition between 6 AAGS students and 6 students from a local school.
Thursday, 19th  March FUN SCIENCE DAY KS3 students will take part in fun science practicals and investigations
Friday, 20th  March SCIENCE TREASURE HUNT A treasure hunt around the school for KS3 students to solve!
Thursday, 26th  March SCIENCE CAREERS DAY A range of Science professionals have been invited to our school to talk to our KS4 students. This will give our students a chance to ask any questions they may have and give them a broader understanding of the science based careers available to them.


If you would like to get involved or would like to know more about our Science Week activities then please contact me on s.iqbal@azharacademy.org

10 Mar 2015


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The Mathematics department have arranged events and activities for Pi Week .  Activities will take place in school from Monday, 9th  March 2015 till Friday, 13th  March 2015 in the lead up to Pi Day on March 14th (14/3).

A variety of activities will take place during lessons as well as lunchtime. Some of the activities are quizzes, pie sales and a ‘memorising digits of pi’ competition with awards and prizes.

Mathematics department will be recruiting dedicated students with a passion and flair for Mathematics to act as Pi ambassadors for their form class. Each ambassador will be provided with her own Pi ambassador T-shirt and will be instrumental in promoting the importance of Mathematics in the school.

pi-week-3 pi-weekpi-day AAGS




10 Mar 2015


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The Lifebook Project is part of our Helping Older People campaign, in turn a part of our wider aim to teach the importance of social responsibility (Mu’asharat).

Beginning in January this year, we partnered with Folkstone Care Home in East London and Azhar Academy Girls School to arrange six weekly visits by the students. Their task was to create a Lifebook: a collection of stories, photos and quotes about the lives of the residents.

Following the completion of the project, the Newham Recorder newspaper featured our work. I spoke with 1st Ethical’s Umar Malik, our London Relationship Manager and organiser of the Lifebook Project to find out more.

What was the highlight of the Lifebook project?

For me, the highlight of the Lifebook project was just seeing the students interact and engage with the residents. It’s really beautiful to see and especially with the girls, who instinctively warm more to these situations. More specifically, my favourite moment was when Mr Stockwell, a resident in the care home who I’ve seen to be very quiet in previous visits, was really opening up to the girls, cracking lots of jokes and was quite the comedian!

What did the children and residents gain from it?

The residents were really happy with the visits. As you can see from the video on the Lifebook project, it’s something that they really enjoy and lifts their spirits for a few days after the visit. They’re eager to get the kids over as much as possible.

The students have their eyes opened to an environment they may never have experienced before. They return with a newfound sense of appreciation of the elders amongst their community and even in their own families, as well as inspiring some students to get involved in similar community work.

Will you be doing this again?

The school will be getting involved in many of our campaigns and hope to maintain contact with their new friends at Folkestone Care Home. Many other schools will be getting involved with several getting involved with their local care home.

If someone wanted to visit a care home, which steps would they need to take?

Get in touch with a 1st Ethical rep close to them! We can help facilitate a campaign and arrange a visit with your local care homes. Getting the kids prepared is very important, they may want to prepare some activities to do with residents, make some cards for them, a small presentation, some questions, the ideas are endless.

What were the main difficulties that the children and residents had?

There’s always an aspect of the fear of the unknown. Many of the students don’t know what to expect and how to respond in a situation that’s new to them. Sometimes the students may find it hard to initiate discussion but after 10 or 15 minutes they become a lot more comfortable, discussions are flowing and we’ve even had beautiful scenes in the past where some of the more quieter students have fed the residents with their own hands, much to the teachers surprise!

09 Mar 2015


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On 5th March 2015 students at AAGS were fortunate to have a visit from the Mounted Branch. Students had an opportunity to speak with police officers and find out about the role of the Mounted Branch. Many of the students had an opportunity to get up close to the horses!

Feedback from the students was that this was a memorable experience and allowed them an opportunity they would not usually have.

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