School Uniform


The regular AAGS school uniform is:

  • Navy blue abaya with embroidered school logo (to be purchased from the school)
  • Black scarf
  • Navy blue/black full-length trousers
  • Black low-heeled shoes
  • Black/white socks
  • Navy blue cardigan (optional)

Pupils are expected to wear this school uniform on all educational trips.

The AAGS PE Uniform is:

  • Navy blue loose full-length bottoms
  • White full-sleeved, knee-length top
  • Blue scarf
  • Trainers
  • Black/white socks

The AAGS Dress Code for a non-uniform day is:

  • All garments must be formal and suitable to be worn in a formal public setting
  • Tops should be non-transparent, loose, full-sleeved and knee-length
  • Shoes should be low-heeled
  • Denim is not to be worn on any account

In addition to the above, bringing and/or wearing make up and jewellery at AAGS is strictly prohibited at all times during the school year.