10 Nov 2016

Students in their 5th year organised an inspirational exhibition

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Students in their 5th year organised an inspirational exhibition about the  knowledgeable, influential and fascinating Imaam of Hadith- Imaam Bukhaari R.A.

The exhibition included a reflective role play, stimulating stories, a heartfelt Ahaadith session and an insight into his zeal for knowledge. Alhamdulillah, this was a successful exhibition in which all students of Azhar Academy had the opportunity to learn some new and interesting facts of the great scholar of Islaam.


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Due to the heightened level of self-isolation amongst staff and students as a result of the Coronavirus we have taken the decision, together with the school committee, to close the school from Thursday, 19th March 2020. At this stage I must mention that, Alhamdulillaah, we do not have any confirmed Covid-19 cases reported at the school.

At present we are unsure of how long the school will be closed and we will therefore keep you updated regularly via the school text service, email and the school website. Please ensure that we have your latest contact details and that you keep up to date with receiving and responding to any communications sent by the school.

You can contact the school at girls.school@azharacademy.org should the need arise.