Code of conduct



At AAGS, pupils are expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times. Below is the Code of Conduct expected from all AAGS pupils at all times.

At Azhar Academy Girls School:

We respect the authority of our Creator and people in charge

This means:

  • We follow the instructions of those in authority – (inside and outside of school)
  • We make sure we attend school every day and on time
  • We adhere to the school and classroom rules
  • We follow the school dress code
  • We meet deadlines set by teachers

We respect other people and ourselves

This means:

  • We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We display good manners at all times, smiling and being cheerful
  • We are helpful, courteous and considerate to other people’s feelings
  • We are tolerant of differences in other people and cooperate fully with others
  • We ensure that we avoid harming other people in any way: physically, psychologically or emotionally. This includes cyber bullying.
  • We are organised and take advantage of all the learning opportunities provided
  • We do our best in everything we do and aim to achieve more than our potential

We respect our surroundings inside and outside of school

This means:

  • We keep our surroundings clean and litter free
  • We keep the noise level low in and around the school
  • We respect books and equipment, avoiding damage, loss and neglect
  • We look after school property, buildings and furniture by avoiding damaging or defacing it

The school has also devised the following set of rules for behaviour inside and outside the classroom to make sure all pupils are aware of the standards expected from them:

Classroom Rules for Learning

  • We arrive on time to lessons and ready to learn
  • We bring the correct equipment and books to each lesson
  • We follow the class teacher’s instructions
  • We keep hands, feet and hurtful comments to ourselves
  • We speak only when we have gained permission
  • We keep our learning environment clean and tidy
  • We organise ourselves to meet deadlines
  • We pay full attention  and try our best in all tasks

Pupils who breach these rules may be given a referral for inappropriate behaviour. (More information about referrals can be found in the disciplinary section.)


Positive behaviour and achievement (academic and non-academic) in the school is continuously acknowledged by teacher comments & recognition in form time, weekly and special assemblies and the school newsletter, displays, letters to parents, certificates as well as a merit system. The school also has a Prefect system, led by the Head Girl, who is appointed annually. These students are encouraged to act as role models for their peers and given certain privileges as well as responsibilities.


Refining character is one of the core objectives of the Divine Message brought by all of Allah’s messengers and prophets, culminating in the final and complete message brought by our noble master, Prophet Muhammad [saw].

Good morals and character are central to the development of a good and responsible society. From the Islamic perspective, husn al-khuluq, or good character, is defined by forsaking all traits that are reprehensible and acquiring all that are desirable. It encompasses the entire ethical and moral framework of an ideal society.

To achieve this goal, the Noble Qur’an places equal emphasis on ta’leem (education) and tazkiyah (rectification) on several occasions; they both together form the primary functions and objectives of Prophethood.

It is with this in mind that the Tahdheeb al-Akhlaq initiative has been undertaken within our school. While we are focused on providing the best quality of education to our pupils in an environment that is secure, stimulating and conducive to learning, we must also ensure that the crucial element of tarbiyah does not lose its significance.


At AAGS, each pupil is given a merit sheet at the beginning of the year where she is able to record all merits given by teachers for good work, good behaviour, effort, reliability and general contribution to the school. The build up of merits leads to a pupil being awarded certificates using the following criteria:

Merit Certificate 10 merits
Bronze Certificate 15 merits
Silver Certificates 25 merits
Gold Certificate 35 merits
Platinum Certificate 45 merits
Special Certificate 60 merits
Outstanding Certificate 70 merits


The maintenance of good discipline is of paramount importance for the growth, welfare and development of pupils.  At Azhar Academy Girls School, we aspire to instil good discipline amongst our students through a focus on Islamic Akhlaaq and Aadaab. We believe that pupils should be given clear expectations, effective pastoral support and opportunities to build good social relationships.  These aims are backed up by a system of rewards and where necessary appropriate sanctions.

The school exists for the benefit of its pupils.  All pupils, staff, parents and others associated with the school are required to work together in a spirit of co-operation and understanding.  Pupils are actively encouraged to fulfil their potential academically, and in all other school activities that they are involved in.  Pupils are expected to relate well and to behave considerately towards others.  We live in a society where social skills are vital to our well being, and learning to interact with others is therefore a critical part of education.  Pupils are reminded of the importance of respecting others, whether inside or outside school.  Selfish actions are therefore to be discouraged, whether these actions are of a minor nature (e.g. dropping litter or wasting paper) or of a major nature (eg fighting, bullying, vandalism or theft).


At AAGS, we are very clear that our distinct Islamic values and ethos form the bedrock of our provision. These values and ethos directly govern everything that we do at our school. We aim to serve our pupils and the extended school community in the belief that, through our service and provision, we are first and foremost discharging our responsibility towards Allah Almighty. As such, we strive for all-round excellence in all aspects of our provision and expect it to be reciprocated by pupils and parents alike.

We all have many responsibilities in life – towards Allah and His Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, towards each other and towards ourselves.

These responsibilities are due to the fact that we all also have rights. Our school policies show how we intend to respect each other’s rights by fulfilling our responsibilities towards each other. These values, ethos and mutual rights and responsibilities take the form of our school policies and rules/regulations.

The rights and responsibilities of the school’s stakeholders are laid out in our ‘Home-School Agreement’, which we ask all parents to read, understand and fully commit to. The Home-School Agreement is the basis of our mutual contract and obligations to each other as members of the school community. A copy of the home school agreement is available through the school office.