The Curriculum


The school curriculum works as a medium to provide a sound and comprehensive education to our pupils.

At AAGS, we believe that our curriculum should create a well-balanced opportunity for all aspects of personal development to flourish: linguistic and literary, mathematical, scientific, moral, physical, spiritual, creative, social and technological.

In the classroom context, teachers will use methods informed by their skills-training and experiences that are most effective in bringing about a pupil’s highest potential.

Each pupil will follow a curriculum which:

  • Is broad-based, balanced and designed to emphasize the relevance of the knowledge, skills and understanding, through learning programmes and experiences.
  • Provides continuity of coherent learning experiences as well as progression through the year groups.
  • Offers challenge leading to the highest standards of personal achievement, through recognition of individual needs according to ability and aptitude.

Assess the progress and attainment of each pupil:

  • To determine whether individual learning objectives have been achieved
  • To identify the individual pupil’s progress in different aspects of the curriculum
  • To inform the setting of further learning objectives
  • To inform pupils and parents about individual achievements
  • To enable the study of long-term trends in pupil performance

Records the progress and attainment of each pupil and reports to parents in a way that:

  • Demonstrates the outcomes of the National Curriculum and other accredited assessments
  • Records experiences and achievements where relevant in all subjects

Each pupil will keep a folder in which all her achievements are recorded.  This is inclusive of all subjects, interests and hobbies and anything else the pupils feel is worth recording.  During tutorial sessions, pupils will be able to keep a regular account of things done, places visited and other recreational events participated in.  This gives the pupils an opportunity to produce a final Record of Achievement.

The subjects taught at AAGS in line with the National Curriculum are detailed in the table below.

English (Language & Literature at KS4)





Information & Communication Technology





Religious Studies


Physical Education

Through IPSHE (Islamic Personal and Social Health Education programme), pupils are actively prepared for the responsibilities of adult life, including those related to family life and the working environment, within a multi-cultural and increasingly technological society.  This programme also aims to help pupils to become effective learners.  Major themes of this programme include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people
  • Job opportunities and the world of work
  • Economic and social understanding
  • Health Education