At AAGS, all students are offered the option of either studying the Aalimah Course, the Islamic Studies Course or Hifz-ul-Qur’an (Qur’an memorisation) Course. Choosing any one of the three is compulsory for all students. Tuition fees for these courses is currently included in the school fee.

Hifz Studies: In this course, students commence memorisation of the Noble Qur’an with the aim of memorising either the entire Qur’an or a pre-agreed number of chapters during the course of their enrolment at AAGS. Structured learning targets are set from the start to aid students towards achieving this goal. During a typical school day, students will recite their newly memorised lessons as well as two pre-agreed portions of revision to the teacher. Students are also taught advanced levels of Tajweed during their Hifz course.


Criteria for enrolment

  • Pupils who would wish to enrol for the Hifz Course will have to make a firm commitment for the entire period of course in order to meet their targets consistently. This will, InshaAllah, enable the achievement of completing Hifz of the Noble Qur’an with ease and efficiency.
  • Pupils will have to fulfil the Hifz Course entrance criteria, which consists of a written exam and an oral exam. Prospective pupils are expected to be able to recite the Qur’an fluently as well as demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of Tajweed, such as Makharij, Mudud, Wuqoof, Qalqala & Gunnah rules. They will also need to provide a reference letter from their previous/current Qur’an teacher/institute, who must affirm that the pupil is suitable for enrolment onto the Hifz Course.
  • Finally, it is of extreme importance that both parents and the pupil have a clear understanding of the level of commitment – and significant sacrifices – that will be required in order to achieve this honour and privilege. Parents and pupils also need to understand that they will need to strike the right balance between the Hifz Course and the National Curriculum subjects so that their academic progress is not adversely affected due to undertaking the Hifz Course.

In order for a pupil to successfully complete the memorisation of the entire Qur’an, she will be expected to memorise the amounts stated in the chart below on daily basis throughout the Hifz period. These targets may be revised in consultation with the Head of Hifz Studies and the Hifz teacher for pupils who may not be able to complete the entire Qur’an.


Year 1 Approx: 1 page per day

(1 ¾  Juz)

Approx: 1 page per day

(1 ½  Juz)

Approx: 1 ¼ pages per day

(2  Juz)

Surah al-Baqarah

to Surah an-Nisaa’

Year 2 Approx: 1 ¼ pages per day

(2 ¼ Juz)

Approx: 1 ½ pages per day

(2 ¼  Juz)

Approx: 1 ½ pages per day

(2 ½  Juz)

Surah al-Ma’idah

to Surah Yusuf

Year 3 Approx: 1 ½ pages per day

(2 ¼ Juz)

Approx: 1 ¾ pages per day

(2 ¾ Juz)

Approx: 2 pages per day

(3 ¼ Juz)

Surah ar-Ra’d to

Surah Luqman

Year 4 Approx: 2 pages per day

(3 ½ Juz)

Approx: 2 pages per day

(3 Juz)

Approx 2 pages per day

(3 Juz)

Surah as-Sajdah

to Surah an-Naas

Parents must understand that though they may choose an option from the available three options, the acceptance on the preferred option remains at the discretion of the Head of Islamic/Aalimah/Hifz Studies, who reserves the right to withdraw a pupil from any programme in consultation with parents if she feels that adequate progress is not being made, as well as the Headteacher, if she feels that continuing with the preferred option is adversely affecting a child’s academic progress.

Memorisation of certain Surahs and various Sunnah du’as/adhkaar has been incorporated in both the Aalimah and Islamic studies syllabi. Students will be required to complete a minimum of one level of these Surahs and du’as/adhkaar in each academic year.