Ofsted Reports


Alhamdulillah, with the blessings and mercy of Allaah (swt), I am pleased to share with you findings from our recent Ofsted Inspection which took place between 14th -16th March 2018.

MashaAllaah, the Ofsted inspectors recognised a number of strengths in the school such as monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, leadership and management, visits to places of educational interest and visitors to the school which further enrich students’ learning.  The many opportunities that we give our students to learn about fundamental British values to ensure that they are well prepared for life in modern Britain, educating them on the major faiths and equality was recognised.

The inspection report is overall very positive with the school receiving an overall rating of Good.

Effectiveness of leadership and management – Good

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – Good

Personal development, behaviour and welfare – Outstanding

Outcomes for pupils – Good

Early Years provision – Good

The school was found to have met all the independent school regulations which are certainly indicative of us being on the right track in taking our school forward, alhamdulillah.

It was wonderful to find out that parents, carers, staff and students expressed positive views about the school. The school would like to express their appreciation to all parents who contributed to the Ofsted inspection survey.

Hard copies of the report are available from the school office upon request or by emailing the school at girls.school@azharacademy.org or primary@azharacademy.org

Finally on behalf of the governors, students and staff, we are grateful for your support and would like to request that you continue to support the school in our endeavours and that you remember the school in your humble duas.

May Allaah continue to support us with His continued blessings and mercy so that we can provide the best education for our students.

JazakAllaahu khayran

Wassalamu ‘alaikum

Mrs R. Adam

Executive Headteacher



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