Student Progression Within The School


At AAGS, assessment is regarded as an integral part of the teaching and learning process. In addition it is related to the ethos of our school; we value each child and provide opportunities for all pupils to fulfill their true potential. For the School, formative and non-formative pupil assessments are a useful tool for finding out in a positive way what individual pupils know and understand. Formative assessment is an ongoing process at AAGS. It is conducted both formally and informally. This assessment gives evidence of a pupil’s learning. Informal assessment happens on a daily basis, where response is usually immediate. It takes place when pupils are working in the classroom or on a one-to-one basis. Formal assessment is carried out every half term. This allows teachers to assess whether key learning aims & objectives have been met. The School maintains records of assessment to ensure the continuity of the curriculum as the pupil passes from year to year and to monitor how Pupils are progressing within each subject area taking account of previous experiences, achievements and support given. This information is passed on every year through record folders, reports and verbal communication. Each pupil is also given a folder in which samples of work, assessment sheets, teachers’ comments and certificates are recorded. At AAGS, we recognize that all children have gifts and talents and we aim to foster these using a variety of techniques so that each pupil is valued.




At AAGS, we believe that children deserve an education that encourages and motivates them to achieve their best. The curriculum and organisation of the school therefore aims to allow each pupil to learn at a pace that is appropriate for them. Less able pupils are able to benefit from differentiated teaching activities, additional assistance from teachers or classroom volunteers and a homework support club, which is open to all pupils. Opportunities are also offered to enable higher ability pupils to maximise their achievements.



Each year group has a parental consultation evening twice a year, where parents/guardians are given the opportunity to meet with their daughter’s subject teachers and discuss her progress.

Appointments with Form Tutors or subject teachers may also be made throughout the year if there are concerns on the part of either the parent/guardians or the staff.


Pastoral events are held regularly to inform parents/guardians about important dates and matters relating to the different needs and demands on the pupils as they progress through the years.


A full written report is issued at least twice a year to parent/guardians and covers all the subjects taught. The written reports focus on the academic attainment and effort of individual pupils; it also allows parents to gain an insight on their daughter’s progression within the school.